hej hej.

Nice of you to stop by!

You really need to meet me in person, in the meantime here's a few words to paint the picture.

Currently living it up in Sydney.
Had an epic time working at Interbrand 2010-2014.
Opened a Swedish coffee shop in Sydney in 2013.
Currently enjoying everything that freelance life has to offer with the likes of Christopher Doyle & Co  |  RE  |  Interbrand  |  ZAKKIA  |  Sally.Taylor
Meeting lots of people. Love people. 
Can't be creative in quiet spaces.
Definitely not a quiet person.
Like people who vibrate at high frequencies.
Don't like saying no.
Terrified of the first 24hrs of a job. 
Usually spend that time frantically organising the space around me. 
Happy Music! - is the answer to what music to play.
Favourite word - "Positude" by Ben Miles.
Be my desk buddy if your name is Eric.
Love drawing in my sketchbook to relax.
Like to know more? 
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hej då!